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But they asked for it!!!!

OK, so today it is impressed upon me that we talk about revenge. Because it is really popular nowadays in the world. How many times have we heard a child say, or said it ourselves, “they asked for it!” Even so, we should not retaliate. Because that makes things so much worse. In the beginning, when it first came out, I liked a show called Revenge. But as the show went on, I grew weary of it.

My husband says that watching shows relating to the enemy is “game film.” We have watched a lot of it, covered in prayer, and in some cases with people who unbeknownst to us, were really not just dancing with the devil, but serving and worshiping him. Sad huh? However, God protected us, and we are grateful every single moment to live and breath and be used to minister HIS LOVE.

So, the point is this, at first we felt betrayed, angry, hurt, and took it ALL personal. Then, we felt really convicted fast, to let it all go. In fact, we were convinced that our lives and lives of others depended on it.

Revenge comes from hate not LOVE. Don’t know abt ya’ll, but we would much rather receive LOVE. Sometimes LOVE is tough, and we have to walk away, after we have given all we have to give. For us, the best way we can LOVE people is to pray for them. Pray that GOD covers each person, with HIS LOVE.

The only way things will ever change is when WE want them to change. SO, we have to get fed up with the world and it’s ways and want more. Do you all want more? I’m not talking about more STUFF! Because that is a plenty all over the place in our lives. Are you tired of barren land? Do you want good things instead of the bad?


Do you want MORE  peace? Was thinking this morning that world peace lies within US! Seriously, the peace is ours, for the taking, we just have to dine on it! In Psalm 23 it speaks about a banquet in the presence of our enemies. Let me just say this, we have had many many many dinners with enemies of GOD. Am certain we will have many more too. 🙂

The goal is to love people where they are, not judge them but be aware of the fruit. Meaning what is their life producing? Our prayer daily is that all the sweet fruit that God produces in us, and through us to others multiplies in HIS world and body. Like a spiritual earthquake!!!!

We are not here to condemn, we are here to encourage and build up. But, there is a time for reproach. There is a time for everything. We must be gentle in the way we do this. My husband said yesterday, that there was a gentleness in me that He had not seen before.


I prayed about it, and I believe that this is why the gentleness appeared. After 36 years of beating myself up, and telling myself I am awful, something broke. I finally realized that just IS NOT true, and that I had to forgive myself 100% to be whom GOD desired. So, I delved into HIS word, and really got FED. I just read and let it wash me clean. I didn’t even have to say I forgive myself out LOUD, I just had to receive HIS forgiveness and LOVE.

Am I perfect, absolutely not. Will I ever be? NOPE

But, I serve, and we all do who choose HIM, a perfect GOD!!!! Hallelujah!

He says VENGEANCE is HIS, so let us step back and let HIM do HIS JOB!!!!

Even if they asked for it, let it go, and give it to GOD, who is the ONLY one who CAN handle it ALL!

Show mercy and it WILL be rewarded!


In His Grace,


12 Feb 2013

What’s REAL anymore???

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, but then, as I became a man, then I put away childish ways and thinking. Now, this verse can apply to a man or a woman. But, how many do it? I like TV for example, but would not die without it. As a kid I just had to watch certain shows, or it seemed like my world would end. Do we do that as adults?

What is REAL? Are the things discussed in movies real? As a kid I remember thinking, “wow that’s fake.” This was when watching a show, seeing interactions with people, and many other scenarios. There were other times, I thought, “wow, that looks so real!.” There was a reason for that. It is real, and the portrayal of the fantasy does not make it any less real.

Abuse is REAL, Hatred is REAL, and so is LOVE. This is a time where we must stand for TRUTH. The only TRUTH I have ever known to be spot on 100% of the time, is the word of GOD. Does this mean that reading the word will create no problems. No, it does not. It states clearly that we will have persecution.


However, reading it, and letting God use it to heal you will eventually STOP those problems in their tracks. Many people judge us and say we are too religious. But, the fact is, we are NOT religious at all, just in LOVE with GOD.

If you were dating someone and you could see a future with them, you would talk about them a lot. I know, cause before I really fell head over heels for HIM, I did this with others. So did my spouse, but now all we want to talk about is GOD.

In the times we live in, what used to be helpful to us, is NOT in the same way. God has not changed, but we as HIS people have. Some for the good, and some, well have clothed themselves in FEAR.

I would like to propose an experiment, for 24 hours, watch your words. Not to say don’t speak, just pay attention to what is said. I am participating too, because words are powerful. The power of LIFE and DEATH is in the tongue.

Even just this morning I had to apologize to God for not choosing my words wisely. This has been a strange week, and God knows. His Grace is sufficient, and weakness has been evident from me. But, having said that, we don’t serve a God who says we are awful. We serve one who loves to hear us say we are sorry, and picks us up and loves on us again and again, as long as we are sincere.

Would love to hear your thoughts on what is REAL…

To us, the only thing that matters is GOD is REAL, and HIS LOVE is HEALING.


Trusting that He will turn it ALL around for HIS good, and the GLORY. ~

In His Grace,


08 Feb 2013

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