Will they EVER believe?!?!

My LIFE is Heaven’s playlist. That is both a comfort, and at times a HUGE challenge. It is a culmination, of being misunderstood, easily moved to compassion, forged to forgive unforgiveable behaviors, and determined to choose HEAVEN. In essence, LIFE is meant to be intercession for each other.

Tonight, I was asking for a sign. One that there was a need to write, or to share. And, a picture popped up, on a friend’s page. It was a picture of a little boy. This child, had been diagnosed, with something really tough. What is was not focus here. But, seeing the picture, stirred Heaven in me.

Were you told you were selfish, as a child? Even one time, saying this, can create such a ripple of chaos. But God. It is 5AM. Such a deep time, of GRACE, coming forth. Especially for the children. It is TIME, infact, HIGH time, to HONOR the CHILDREN.

Yet, when WE look around, it appears, to BE a time of such pain and anguish. Well, in this world, there is always competition, from the other side. It is ONE important reason, WE must LOVE Everyone. The worse the behavior, the MORE LOVE needed.

I asked a question once. I said, to Jesus with another in the room… Will there EVER be a time, WE look at these pictures, and are NOT There. And the individual with me, said YES. But Jesus said, it will change, as more healing comes. Yet, you will ALWAYS be there and here. Because YOU are my heart. All my children, are MY heart. And united with ME, you go there in GRACE.

Have you ever scene the MOVIE “Independence Day”? In it, when the “heroes” are going forth into a mission, they say something specific. As my memory is healing more, I get part of something. I kept hearing, “Light the fires.” So I went searching for the REST of the phrase. Apparently, in the “REAL” world, fighter pilots actually use this phrase. It means, everything is ready and is IN place. And the NEXT step is coming forth. And the fighter pilots, use it when READY for take off.

There are OTHER individuals, who say it is “GO time.” THIS is what Heaven is speaking. It is GOD time. GO… God Omnipotent. THIS is the time of heaven coming forth, to BE birthed to the earth. JUST as promised. For many who have been “patiently” waiting for the GOOD to be reformed, it will be a spectacular CELEBRATION!!!!!You would think GOOD would just BE good right? But, when there are infiltrations of the yuck. THERE is a filtering, that MUST happen, from Heaven to earth.

This is ACTUALLY why prayer, is such an important communication, component. However, It is ONE tool that Heaven uses. And from what WE have learned, the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT crucial setting for prayer, IS SURRENDER. That means, that when you come to GOD…you are willing to GIVE Him, access. Where maybe in the past, your instinct was to fight Him, instead.

Recently, someone who LOVES me, shared something. I was told, “WE are always WRESTLING with something with GOD. It took a BIT for me to really digest that. It took me back to a time, in my life specific. I realized the timeline one day, and kind of stopped in my tracks. Because, it was fairly close to Sarah’s final Flight/fight home.

I remember saying to GOD. If I ever am not open to healing, and correction please remove me from ministry. Because anyone placed in leadership positions, or in a mentoring role; should always be humbling. Meaning, the LIFE and example that they GIVE and LIVE should be one of LOVE. It should become natural to be KIND, and have courage. Yet in this world, many have been placed in those roles, who don’t appear to fit that. Right?!?!?

So, that provokes the question. As a cry, as a prayer, as a pondering….”WILL THEY EVER BELIEVE?” And immediately I hear, some will. Often, the prayer I pray is. Jesus give them the destiny, you picked. Ultimately, to simplify, it is a REQUEST He LOVE them. Because, enemies of children of God, are to some extent enemies of JESUS. Yet, JESUS…in HIS infinite GRACE, is not moved at ALL by the antics, and the games that are more harmful to the ones, playing them, than those they try to provoke.

So, now this question? HOW can WE be able to LOVE despite the YUCK?and the answer IS, Jesus. THAT is how. HE is the HOW, the what, the when, the HERE and the NOW. HE is 100% EVERYTHING. Therefore, trying to erase him from the equation, guarantees FAILURE. It creates 100 % certainty of death and destruction. Yet, with JESUS as the leading factor, IN ANY equation, or circumstance, the opposite is true. SUCCESS is a GUARANTEE!!!!

To quote a movie, I one heard this line in. “TALK about a GUAR AN TEE!!!!!!” It is time, ANYONE in ministry WITH Jesu, not just 4 HIM, LOVE people out. Meaning quite simple, BE the LIGHT in the dark places, of their hearts. That sounds EASY right? Like a flash light that turns on, WE should BE. I’m going to add, a favorite phrase. “BUT GOD.”

This means so MUCH here. It is the child, saying … BUT God, they won’t listen. And they even hate my face. There is the But God, this is SO Friggin’ HARD!!!! There is the BUT God, what if I fail you, or mess everything UP? Also, BUT God, why did you pick me. I sure do not seem, qualified. (especially to others) There is the BUT God, can WE please do it THIS way instead? So many other examples of this.

I was REALLY having trouble focusing tonight, when writing. THIS has not been the case, for a LONG time actually. SO, you can imagine my surprise. I got VERY quiet with GOD. And I said, “But God, I feel so tired. I would NOT know where to start.” I kept feeling such rumbling, and storms. I kept asking Jesus for peace. And He said, “Breathe beautiful. ” Often other individuals, will say let GO. Recently, ONE said… LEt Go FOREVER.

THAT Was really tough to hear, especially through the one speaking. And I asked JESUS, what does that MEAN? He said, remember recently, you had someone very scared. They came to you, with DEEP fears, as they prepared for a battle to walk through. I said, YES sir. He said, “You said, Visualize placing it in JESUS hands….hand it ALL to HIM. And do NOT pick it back up.

In the ARMY of Heaven, it can be tempting to FILL the ruck sack that you carry. It can be filled with LOTS of things. BUt what I heard today, was Put the sack down. GIVE it to JESUS. The Wonderful, the difficult, the excruciating, the exciting, healing, hurting, ALLLL of it!!! The whole kit and caboodle….must be LAID before Heaven. Then ask Jesus, to help you….”KICK the tires, and light the FIRES…so to speak. “

Hop on that GRACe coaster, not just trusting but KNOWING every memory you need, WILL NOT FADE. We were praying recently, and I walked in extreme heat. Several times, I thought I would pass out. But GOD. He kept me safe. He sustained ME. WAS 100% my FEET and ALLLL of ME. I asked Him to be my water, i had forgotten to bring. ANd at the END of that walk. WE thanked God for shade.

That SHADE represents, a LOT. It represents, a form of shelter. Yet, it also can be tied, to persecution and slander as well, in lots of ways. So how are you throwing shade? There is a fine line between recognizing effects of yuck, on someone and guarding your heart from it….and that turning and you speaking back the meanness spoken over you. IM truly asking GOD to help me LOVE more.

I still wrestle with SEEING the “Evil” effects, that come into this world. When it happens, I now going into my heart kingdom. I ask Jesus to replace with HOME and heavenly things, the interpretation that is “natural” to have first in this world.

I am going to talk about something odd. I truly have not thought of this film in years. But tonight, while crying out for the children, in captivity…it came into my heart and mind. The film is “The Prince of Tides. ” I have scene this film many times. So much, that EVERY scene is vivid in my memory. But, the other thing is, I have lived aspects of this film. Some my own, others, walking through with others.

I’m not going to dwell on the tough places, in the film. I’m going to focus on one piece only. There is a place, where the main character, after healing from the pain…crosses a bridge. I SEE THAT in my LIFE today. The common thought, is people have to wait to “have” heaven. But please understand, I know first hand that is NOT only untrue. It is CRIMINAL that it is taught. IT is a blatant, HORRIBLE Lie. But God. Nothing limits His LOVE. SO, back to the bridge. As the main guy, crosses it…He whispers the name of the person who was MOST significant in THE Healing.

In MY Life, THIS happens too…. I often just quietly say JESUS. Sometimes I scream it. Sometimes I dance it. You get it right? IT is a constant and consistant CHOICE. And just yesterday, a memory came to me. I was helping another prepare for something, REALLY Tough. A song came on, with GREAT significance to ME, and that person as well.

But, something beautiful…as I shared the connection, I had. It was shared on both sides, of the communication LINE. In my experience guess what, there was a BRIDGE present. Back then, I remember, the MANY times, I crossed THAT exact bridge. YEt this time, I could connect by GRACE to the “heavenly” place. While I was once again, driving over THAT bridge. #bridgesofGrace

My BRIDGE IS JESUS. I will elaborate on that more. But, as I close for now. I say with 100% confidence. Having the wisdom, that JESUS is our bridge, dilutes the PAIN of this world. Thank you JESUS. ~

In 1 Timothy 2:5 it says this…

For THERE is ONE God , and ONE Mediator also between God and men. The man, Jesus Christ. ~~~~

In His Grace and Abundance,

E and Fam 🙂

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