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Unmaking UP

I wake at 5:09 today. Second time. Wondering will I EVER have sleep, like before?!? Yet, when I awaken, to Jesus knocking on the DOOR, I am at REST. There is PEACE like I cannot explain. It clears and wipes away every ounce of DRAIN. He is INDEED my strength, and JOY. And, thank GOD for Grace, to be LOVED. I know, that seems ODD. But, WE need Grace to be LOVED, and HATED. Especially, those who have GONE through intense trauma, and simply, NEED recovery. He knows. If that is YOU, THERE is HOPE. And even THIS morning, as yucky thoughts, try to POP IN; I am reminded of GOOD. The FAITHFULNESS of God, NEVER ceases to AMAZE ME. And what is EVEN more strange, is how many do NOT recognize it. Or, how many can credit ANYTHING else, other than our KING, shocks ME. But God. He is NOT moved by IT.



Scene 1 : I walk into THIS beautiful ROOM. It is GOLDEN, and glittery. Oh, it is LIKE a fairytale. As I walk around, EVERYTHING is pristene, and just perfect. Jesus has MANY angels there, ready to help. And I look up, and say, “This will be FUN!” He smiled, “There will be some FUN. I promise. But, WE are going to continue, working through things. Okay?” I kind of get this pout on my face, and then say, “Yes. Because THERE is NO OTHER WAY. Your WAY works. ” He smiled again, and said, “Yes and sometimes there is just hurt. But, MY LOVE will heal you. You will SEE! As you REMEMBER, with ME.” I look to the right, and there is this Glorious chair. It says, “Elea Grace.”  Tears well up in my eyes. I say, ” I am Soooooooo NOT ready for THIS. I don’t want to LET you down. ” He says, “You NEVER could. JUST be YOU, and see what I do. Now, come have a seat. It is your chair!!!” My eyes, begin to burn with tears. Happening HERE and there. He says, just a few minutes, those can come down, and then….time for your MAKEOVER. ”

So, I sit in this beautiful chair. All the while thanking GOD, for this amazing gift. Laying down EVERY single fear, doubt, and question. Maybe not consciously, but straight from my heart, I give ALL to HIM. Angels come one by one. The first one, washes my face. I look up, and catch a glimpse, of Jesus watching . He says, does it feel better? I said, “Yes sir. It FEELS clean, and whole.” He smiles again, and says, “Good” Now, look at the cloth. I look at the cloth, and there is BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS, on it. I say, “WOW. You are wiping away vestiges of striving. ” He says, “Yes, but NOT just that. I am WIPING away the FEAR of SURVIVING, and the GUILT too. It cannot STAY on YOU. I want YOU to REMEMBER and FOCUS on the GOOD. The “Bad” will try and play, but you’ll see. I will ALWAYS SAVE the DAY. #yourhero. ”



“Thank YOU,” I say. It is ALL I can SPEAK. He said, “Oh yes, SHAME must GO. Let’s WIPE one more TIME. Guilt, Shame, and FEAR. I take this sword, right HERE, and cut that CORD, with my LOVE.” I see this cord, like HANGING onto ME. I say, “I’m sorry my LORD. He says, “For what my LOVE?” I say, “Should I not have known? Especially by now, should I not ? He says, “Beautiful ONE, I am ALWAYS merciful. There is NOTHING too dirty, I cannot clean.” Thank you Jesus. He places, a cloth over my heart. He says, “Grief will not slaughter YOU. JOY will be present, in a NEW way, THIS day!” LIFE, RENEW, STEADY BEAT, He continues, as HE has HIS hand on the cloth, over my HEART. “set upon my HEART as a seal, YOU are. I promise, neither YOU, or ANYONE ELSE, will MESS things up. #promisekeeper”



I look up again, He can read my thoughts. He says, “She is rather busy today.” I frown. He says, “Don’t worry, beautiful girl, She knows. ” I smile. He says, “Next we wash your hands, I see blisters, on the cloth. I look up, “where did those come from?” He says, “the yuck from the past, can create that, and the BURN. This day, I speak , “Revitilization, to your HANDS, and FEET, and BODY! I command Heavenly ALIGNMENT. Youth RETURN NOW!” All of the sudden, MY BODY, begins to tingle, with BEAUTY, and LOVE. I smile, and say, “I FEEL like a thousand tons, has just been lifted.” He said, That STONE, you are dragging, must be LET GO. He takes an AXE, and chops the cord. I say, “MORE WEIGHT GONE. Thank you. I ask, “What was that?” “A STONE of NEGATIVE EMOTIONS,” He says. ANYTHING specific, I ask inquiring. He says, “Lots. there was a MIXTURE, and it was WEIGHING YOU down. ” I SAW in that STONE, fear, failure, hatred, Anger, Longing, unmet desires, guilt, shame, degrading, and MANY more. ” I had NO idea, that was holding ON. ” I look up, He says, “You know, when it is REVEALED, not UNTIL.”



“Okay, that is enough CLEANING, for now. Let’s work on the outlook” , He says.  The angels are sitting paitiently, and READY for instruction. One comes over, and Begins to paint my Face. I have a memory hit me. I remember, getting HER face painted, and mine too. A few times. Tears in my eyes, but I let her paint. She starts with eye shadow. BLUE, but lightly we will go. Maybe a touch of pink too. It will match the blush. But, not too much. And a slight gloss on the lips. Yes, That will be perfect. And the foundation, “FAITH” It is so SMOOTH and EASY to receieve. It began with a tiny seed. And, oh how the garden has grown. How He makes me, and US to RISE. I stand in AWE. It is quite literally, “AWEsome.”


“Let’s COLOR her hair!”, I hear them say. “How bout rainbow?” I smile, and say, “I LOVE rainbow!”  Let’s start with PINK, and give her a rainbow clip. That sounds WONDERFUL! I am just overjoyed, at even the thought. LOVE. They had finished painting my FACE, and now, here comes the HAIR. They take a brush, and brush through, ” Tangled, a bit. That won’t do.” Jesus comes over and say, “UNTANGLE and UNRAVEL gently and without havoc. ” ALL of the sudden, my HAIR is finished. I said, “What about the water? JESUS says, “I AM THE WATER. ” He had simply touched my hair, and IT was completed. Perfectly PERFECT. I look in the MIRROR, and I begin to weep. He says, “It is okay, it will stay. It will not APPEAR broken, anymore.”  #HEKEEPSUSASWEPASSTHROUGHHEALING


I say, “THIS is ME!” The REAL ME. It is NOT about the outside, but it is about YOUR heart, inside. IT will BE the SHINE, and SHIMMER. I will be BRAVE, and I will TRUST you. For you are WONDERFUl, Beautiful, Glorious, and truly most Matchless in EVERY single WAY. Thank YOU, for LOVING ME. Especially, in those MOMENTS, where I do not FEEL , ALL that LOVEABLE. I believe, those moments, will be LESS. And the JOY, will be MORE. Our Heavenly salvation, is at hand. Thank you Jesus. #resurrection


ONE more THING…and it will make, it complete. I smile, and say, “YOU have done SO much, already.  He says, “Here is your DRESS of HONOR, Valor and Humility. I smile, and say, “It looks like hers. ” He says, with one small adjustment. Look at the label. “Butterfly Designs” MADE TO FLY. With this, you will FLY, and REACH new HEIGHTS, and it comes, with a lovely pair of shoes, designed for you. Hidden underneath. They are glittery, your favorite, and white. And they will fit, no struggle. ”  I SLIP into THIS beautiful GOWn, just effortlessly. Yellow, of course. Mustardy, from some angles. #beautiful. He says, “ARe you ready? It is almost time to go on stage? I will be WITH YOU, EVERY step of the WAY. ” With ALL FEAR GONE…MELTED AWAY, I say, “Let’s do THIS THANG!” #Jesusadventure.


1 Timothy 2:9-10

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self – control, not with braided hair and gold pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness– with good works.


Today, I encourage YOU, to come to a quiet place, and let JESUS LOVE on you. #nothinglikeHISLOVE

You won’t regret, GIVING Him, FULL access to YOU. He has Sooooooooo MUCH GOOD in STORE. #storehousesofheaven


In His Grace,










03 Feb 2019

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