Hallmark v/s Horror

Hey you guys!!!!! In my best Goonies, voice. Laughing….

And, I believe they said IT on the electric company too. Today, Jesus says it, to US. Yes, THIS is US. Life, is a HALLMARK film, with pockets, of horror. Not by my design. I would choose the FIRST one, never the second. At least, NOT on purpose. But God.

As the song, “He knows MY Name” comes flowing in. It is like a boxing match between the beautiful and serene. And, of course, the complete opposite, to extremes. JESUS is the referee. Every single sport, same. Fun and games? Well, yes and NO.

Why? It is simple. JESUS says. Remember games, as a kid? What kind did you play? Is there a favorite, coming back 2 you, today? My favorite, then…WAS Hide and SEEK. It seemed WE would play, with every kid, on the block. It would get DARKER around US, yet WE did NOT care. We just wanted to keep on playing.

No ONE worried about horror, interrupting. There was simply, JOY…every single TIME, WE found someone! And, THEN, there was a tinge of disappointment, when WE were found. Do you REMEMBER? I do…I do…bet YOU do too. It SEEMS like it WAS a simpler time. And I guess in some ways, it was.

But in OTHER ways, there was just as much congestion and traffic jams. Not to mention, here and there in atmosphere; SMOG. In every city, there is pollution. There WAS then, and now. Yet, the solution, is the SAME. For EVERY single, math equation in LIFE, JESUS actually IS the answer.

He requests to BE invited, into our messes. He humbly seeks to be PART of “our universe.” And, when we ALLOW Him IN, yes there IS CHANGE. There IS most definitely a REARREANGE in furniture.

I used to, when i “GOT into TROUBLE” get sent, to my ROOM. While IN there, I encountered a lot. I would rearrange the furniture, and clean up the space. Eventually, my parents would forget about ME. And when it got dark, I would realize the door…opened. I would then, go find them. and I wanted to BLESS them. I truly wanted to make them smile.

The desire, was to calm the fire of disobey, and disarray. Yet, rarely was there a great response, in kind. Most of the time, it was a blow off, it seemed. So, the next day, though I tried…cycle, continued. I cried a lot. I felt disconnected, from the others.

Especially my brothers, though we could play games. That WAS our safe space. Did you play Monopoly? How bout Clue. Or Atari? Nintendo, then? Games were NOT about winning. They were about connections. Each game had a specific direction.

From heaven 2 EARTH, with JOY…

This entry jumped a bit. Jump rope, roller skates, and ice skates. Fun galore. THIS is what is IN store, from heaven 2 earth.

Yet, WHAT IS it WORTH 2 you? To ME?

What is the EVERYTHING here?

When I was a child…I thought like a child. I fought like one too. Now, I bless the children around US. There is a CHILD in me, and a CHILD in you.

1 Corinthians 13:11

Many Blessings to you,

Elea and Fam

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