This morning, and even yesterday it was impressed upon me to write on Surrender. I kept trying to write about it, and I guess needed more time to understand it myself. Most people consider giving up an aspect of quitting. We think about a child who gets ANGRY and just says, “FINE then, I GIVE UP!” I recall saying this as a kid, and have said it a few times as an adult. But, thankfully He knows my heart. He knows that when I GIVE UP it is NOT about quitting, it is about HIM taking over. 

Because we seek HIM so much we are highly picked on, persecuted, ridiculed, mocked, slandered and even threatened. But, we are not surprised at all. Look at Jesus’s LIFE while here on earth. He endured the exact same thing! The word says we are to REJOICE when this happens. But, doing so takes a miracle and the POWER of GOD. 

In our FLESH and our MIND we are trained to just keep on going. But, sometimes we have to STOP and REST. Because entering into the REST of GOD is a weapon against the evil. When we “give up” it does not have to be BAD. It can actually be a VERY GOOD thing. When we GO GO GO too much, our bodies rebel and we receive sickness. The enemy strikes when we are TIRED, HUNGRY, HURT, UNSETTLED,  and feeling SAD or EMOTIONALLY DRAINED, 

Have you all noticed this? There is a phrase that is old which is “strike while the Iron is hot.” God’s word says IRON sharpens IRON. The enemy strikes when we are VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. So, let’s say there has been a death in the family. God can bring healing, but the enemy brings more pain. When my mother died in 2000, I grieved for 5 years straight. I know people in our family, who are still grieving, and she has been gone now, for over 12 years.

There is no judgement on how long it takes for someone to heal. Everyone does this at their own pace, and depending on where they are. What we do is just continue to pray. God leads us, but that does not mean GOD leads everyone. Oh what a world it would be, IF He did. But, in order to have GOD lead you, there must be a daily choice made for HIM and HIS purposes. 

There must be a complete SURRENDER in body, soul, mind, spirit, and emotions to HIM. Because if we do NOT do this, indirectly we surrender to the world and it’s god, instead.



The movie that has been kind of flashing through my mind is “The Wizard of Oz.” This movie has a lot of symbolism for both evil and good. But it has to be deciphered. Since I was a little child, I have wanted to pull things apart, get to the core. My mother was an English teacher, and I loved to then, and still now, read and figure out books.

In that film, the scene that comes to mind while sharing this, is  when Dorothy gets a message in the sky from the wicked witch of the WEST. Am certain almost ALL of you have seen it, where it says, “SURRENDER DOROTHY.” This is what the world is saying to us, if you do not surrender to me, you will die. She was in FEAR for her LIFE in the movie. But, what happened? She was rescued. Because she had a pure heart and soul. 


Do you need to be rescued? Cause I DO!!! Every singe day God rescues me, in fact our whole family. Another movie, which has kind of a similar plot line is “The Princess Bride.” It is my favorite film of all time. It is such a GREAT allegory of GOD’s RELENTLESS LOVE for US! My favorite part is when He falls down the hill, and cries out, “as you wish.” Buttercup then realizes that this man, the one she has been so mean and cruel to, IS her great LOVE. 

So here is a question to ponder, Do we do this to God? I know I have before. I am not ashamed to admit it, because if sharing my past and bad choices helps someone, it is worth it. I absolutely have been the MOST hateful to GOD. He loves me so much, and I have run from HIM, yelled at HIM, and in some cases denied HIS power. I know that when these things happened, I was very deeply wounded. I mean, in some cases just bleeding out from PAIN. 

Our Children belong to HIM, and came from GOD. The enemy cannot and will NOT ever produce LIFE! Because only GOD can and he, the devil, can only bring DEATH. 


I have even almost physically died, numerous times, as well as had one time where I was paralyzed for probably abt 15-30 minutes. I say these things not to scare anyone, and really it does not bother me if people don’t believe it. Because GOD alone knows my heart. He ALONE has saved me and resurrects me daily, as well as ALL of us in our family and in the FAMILY of GOD.

We kind of live in a FOG from this world, but in a good way. FOG is dense and it is hard to see through it. Just like GOD! 🙂 

So, here is another question to ponder, Can the enemy or the devil answer prayers of the people of GOD? there is NOTHING in the word of that says that he can. When we are surrendering to GOD daily, and when we are in 100% SURRENDER to GOD, the enemy has NO POWER!!!

This is HUGELY important! If you want FREEDOM, GOD has granted it! So just reach up and RECEIVE!!!!

Love to ALL and we welcome your comments and questions. 🙂 

In His Grace,


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