Who do YOU say that I AM?

This morning as I woke a scripture was put on my heart. It was this one in Isaiah.

These people come near to me with their mouth
and honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
Their worship of me
is based on merely human rules they have been taught.


I had a beautiful dream, walking with Jesus. I went to sleep feeling distraught about something, and God knew.  He knows ALL and sees ALL. See, what makes one false is the motive of our heart. GOD’s heart is 100% PURE!!!! The dream was a bit blurry as I tried to recall it, but what I was shown was “coffee/tea time” with Jesus. I was really tired, and had endured a very long couple of days. Big changes are happening in our family, by God’s Grace and for HIS Glory.

As I sat there, I could hear clearly the above scripture. I could see the sadness in HIS eyes. I realized why we are going through so much in this process. I was reminded again, never about us, always about HIM. But, I also saw HIM look at me, smile and say, “well done thy good and faithful servant.” I was so incredibly humbled. Because, I know that anything that God causes good to happen in our lives, is ALL HIM. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for HIS LOVE, GRACE, MERCY, PEACE, and JOY.


I have had a tendency, in the past to fall into shame, when things were not going as God revealed they would. You know, like perhaps I did or did not do something. Thankfully, GOD healed me of constantly beating myself up all the time. He reminded me that HE is a GOD of LOVE and ADORATION, not a GOD of GUILT and CONDEMNATION.  I got up at a specific time this morning, and turned the tv on, and a movie called LIFE of PI was on. 🙂

I was intrigued, because I had wanted to see it for a long time, but my husband was not that interested. He LOVES adventure, and what he did not realize is this movie is ALL abt that. The movie is really fascinating. It really shows how even in the darkest times, GOD’s GLORY still shines, He still rescues us, when we let HIM.


I kept thinking of JOB and how He endured and endured and was tested and tried in the FIRE. Thinking of how, it was necessary for him to lose it all, to receive more humility. Most importantly, that every LOSS that he endured was Christ’s gain.

This is so very true for us too. Who do we say GOD is? Well, He has many names. Elohim, the GREAT I AM, Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Rapha, to name a few. He has many jobs, but the greatest one is LOVE. He not only has the JOB to LOVE but HE IS LOVE.

Recently someone posted that when we say I LOVE YOU, we say I GOD YOU, and at first I was not sure about that. But, the more I prayed about it, the more I got that it was accurate. We are speaking GOD into their lives. We are speaking ALL that GOD is into their lives.


This is a season where we have to know who GOD is. If we do not know who he is, we won’t know who he is not. Life throws us curve balls, and we have to let GOD be the bat to hit the home run. We need to expect the challenges, and try not to run from them.

People have asked us, how do you have the faith you do? We say, “well, WE don’t.” It is GOD, it is HE alone that moves. It is GOD that LOVES through us, even the tough LOVE. It is GOD who disciplines our children, we pray and ask HIM to do so. It is GOD that writes books, songs, etc…Strange as it sounds, it is GOD in us, around us, and through us. But, HE gets the GLORY.


Our plans never work like HIS, I ask now and even daily that GOD forgive me for when I get it wrong, that he strip me of all the pride in the way. What is it in the way of? HIS plans and HIS will, that is what.

SO, who do we say GOD is?


JESUS leads us to the FATHER. It says in the word that we will do even greater things, because JESUS intercedes for us to the FATHER. This means JESUS in us will do those greater works!


We must have UNITY with the Father GOD, HIS son JESUS, and the HOLY Spirit, but the most important one for relationship is JESUS. I am almost 37 years old. This journey with GOD has been really, one adventure after another. It has also been one challenge after another, and in some cases, one death after another.

Our family began walking the GLORY road of GOD when we became a family, on June 24th, 2006. This was the date that David and I married, but really, the actually day we became a family, was May 7, 2005. THIS was the day GOD intervened and caused David and I to date. we never would have picked each other, but GOD.


Long before we understood what GOD’s Glory meant, we were prayerfully calling it into our lives. Not only OUR lives but everyone we knew. You can imagine the kind of target that puts on our back. But, GOD and HIS infinite LOVE has never failed.

He sets us free and delivers us daily from the ways of this world. It does not mean we never participate in it. What it does mean is this, the world has no hold of us. When GOD says walk away, we do. Why? Because, we have learned the consequence that comes when we do not. Ultimately, our desires better line up with GOD’s. If not, He is unpleased, and the FAITH seeds that He has panted, will not prosper and flourish. Because, if we are not repentant before HIM, and asking HIM to take over in our lives, whatever we do will fail. Yet, with HIM, even when it looks like we have failed, we end up succeeding, because HE turns it around as we come humbly before HIM, laying it down on the altar once again, and repenting, which is key.

Yes, it may LOOK like PLANS succeed according to THIS world, but God’s plans are different, and only HIS are ETERNAL.

So, who do we say GOD is? WE say He is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD is the very breath we breathe. He has divinely orchestrated and keeps doing so, according to HIS will, purpose and plans.

GOD is our best friend, our spouse, our heart, our hope, our LOVE, our LIFE, absolutely our ALL in ALL.

Who is GOD to you? who do you say HE is?

I can share, as a close that GOD used to be our emergency plan. Yes, God will come through, but we used to treat HIM with disrespect. For so many reasons, we did this. He used to be, our last resort. we used to make decisions based on manipulation and fear, and we used to be in CHAINS to the enemy. BUT GOD….

IF you see GOD this way, I can say, it often happens from a place of woundedness deep within. My husband and children can attest to this. When we said yes to CHRIST, we receive EVERYTHING. Maybe not all at once, but as we come under HIS wings and learn HIS ways, and ultimately, let GOD move in us, we receive FREEDOM in CHRIST and ALL that this entails. The word says everything works for the good of those who LOVE GOD and are called according to HIS purpose. There is unconditional LOVE that was gifted to us on a cross in CALVARY, as HE took our sins, sicknesses, and diseases.  THE LOVE is unconditional itself, but for us to receive the LOVE, we have to obey GOD’s ways, HIS plans, and walk HIS path. Ultimately, we have to ask GOD to just take over. He cannot be our co-pilot, HE must PILOT our LIVES.

NOW, we are NEW CREATIONS in CHRIST. Now, we can choose each day to be filled with JOY and WONDER in HIM.  NOW, we can praise HIM ALL the time. Even when it feels like our heart is breaking, we know now that GOD is so much BIGGER than that!!!

I pray this entry was a blessing from HIM 🙂

This last portion is a song that GOD wrote through me, when in treatment with Sarah Elizabeth in 2009.


Verse 1:

You never think it will happen to you…but it could. When it does it feels just like your suffocating.  Life goes on as you wade in the waters not knowing when to come up for air.

Verse 2:

No person here can help… No amount of human love can heal. Yet we try… Cause it’s what we know to reach for comfort elsewhere. He forgives us for our ignorance and wraps us in his grace and care.


It is God that finds you when you are hurting…bleeding and dying inside. He never binds you from what you need.  He IS the only answer…the only key to finding who you are…in the midst of all the chaos and broken dreams.


It IS GOD that needs you…more than any other does. He needs your help to reach the lost ones. So show His love and share HIS love by giving and receiving.  Know that you will fall and he will pick you up and start you over. God is the everlasting… better than a 4 leaf clover!

Verse 3:

For it is written that God goes after every lost sheep. He will not stop until their brought back to their shepherd. It says He won’t give up until we ALL are found. So Praise Him now… for we WILL come around. Praise God in the midst of crisis…praise Him every hour…in the good and bad times…for ALL the trees and flowers. For It is God who created us…It is God who renew us and it is God that will ALWAYS find a way.

Repeat Chorus:

It is God that finds you when you are hurting…bleeding and dying inside. He never binds you from what you need.  He IS the only answer…the only key to finding who you are…in the midst of all the chaos and broken dreams.

It is God that can sew us together when we come apart at all our seams…Praise God!

Ask and It shall be given seek and ye shall find.

For HE is GOD!



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