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When I was a child, one of the books I really liked was “The Velveteen Rabbit.”  I loved the point of the story, which is LOVE transforms us. This is what GOD does, when we let HIM. The last part is key. If we do NOT let him have reign in our lives, then He cannot.


This article gives a little insight to how the love of a child, the one who came in the form of a newborn baby, makes us whole, and REAL. God’s LOVE is the most beautiful gift we will ever receive. The best part is, it just keeps coming, and while there are no conditions to the LOVE itself, without choosing to LOVE in return, we miss out, and often the rejection that we are giving to HIM, many times without knowledge, comes back on us, because of wounds we may have.


How many of you liked this book? For me, this book, the story of” the UGLY Duckling,” and other books like “The Little Engine that Could” comprised my child hood. I adored the little golden books too. Not because they were fairy tale stories, but because they almost ALWAYS had a happy ending. The UGLY duckling realized it’s beauty. The train made it up the hill. I remember as a child thinking I can, even when it looked like I could not. NOW, I know that I CAN as GOD does so through me. For HE succeeds in ALL things!!!




GOD gives us so many happy endings and happy beginnings. But, we often must let HIM spiritually uproot the spirits and issues, that are in the way of the blessings. HIS LOVE never stops. Though the enemy will keep hating, and at times, it may feel like that hate is increasing, it will NEVER be more powerful than the LOVE of GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The date today is the 9th. It represents Divine Perfection of the Father. The month is the 10th, It represents testimony and law. Our amazing Heavenly FATHER wants us 100% free. Does that mean that we cannot be till we make it to Heaven? No, it does not. FREEDOM is about not staying in captivity. IT is NOT abt never revisiting it. We can do so, holding the hand of GOD, to receive new insights, new levels of healing and new revelations. This happens through HIS LOVE and as HE perfect the GLORY within.

velveteen_rabbit velveteen velveteen-rabbit-horse


WE cannot and do not do anything on our own that is successful. DONE on our own, life becomes all about idols. If you have not gone to GOD and asked for HIM to do all things through you, please do. There is so much freedom in surrender.

Think about a prisoner, who was rehabilitated as the world calls it. I read a story just this morning. It was about a man who was so moved by a book, he shared with his whole cell block. HE was broken out of captivity, and cared so much, that HE shared the LOVE with them. THIS is how GOD moves. GOD did this, whether the man ever realizes so or not.

This book, the man shared, was not the bible, and was written by someone who gets a lot of persecution and criticism. Some have even called this COG (Child of God) a false prophet. However, we have to know that GOD cannot be limited in the TOOLS that He uses. He can use anything and anyone, and often, even without us realizing it, HE uses us most, when we are broken.

Restoration is a process. It is a continual process that GOD does. Are we allowing HIM to take the broken pieces and put them back together again? Most importantly, is He doing it the way HE desires, or are we fighting HIM, and only occasionally He gets HIS way?

I know I can tell you for certain, from a very personal place, that my flesh still burns from time to time. Especially when we become aware that people are watching us. They are watching GOD in us, but us too. There was a part of me in the beginning, that wanted them to mind their own business.

Now, thanks to GOD in my beautiful sisters, I have been reminded, that it is GOOD that they are watching and of GOD. Because they are attracted to HOLY LIGHT. The word says they will run to it, or flee from it.

One last thing, before the prayer He gave. Sarah E has a cat that is like her velveteen rabbit come to life. She had a stuffed animal since she was 18 months old named Foxy. She still loves him, but is not attached to him anymore. Now, she has Simbea her kitty. She is like foxy come to LIFE, for REAL. I thank GOD for this. He brings so much JOY!!!!!

IN our lives fairies don’t come and touch us, the angels of GOD do, and we thank HIM for their presence and protection. I thank GOD that even though many of these books were not from a place of HIM, he can use them just the same. There has always been evil, and there has always been good. GOD can turn anything around for HIS GLORY. We must REJOICE in HIM!!! For the JOY of the LORD is our strength and our portion!!!!!

LOOK at what GOD has gone through so that we could experience HIS LOVE!!!! He has gone above and beyond, quite literally. JUST a reminder, of the anguish experienced so that we could LIVE in HIS FREEDOM…. THIS is one of the best pictures I have seen of the toll that DEATH took.

I speak to the spirits that are not of me.  I know you, you spirits of confusion, lingering long after they are set free.  I see you positioning them by suggestions of confusion which they readily hear again, because in their beginning you held them in such a place of blackness; so easy it is to enter back into the confusion, because they were so used to confusion back then.” 
Like a Maze to travel through, so confusing to see the way where they are walking, because of the darkened, twisting, and turning ways.  The night of confusion where they do walk, I must unravel by my Light. 
Walking away from that old way, they still have grave clothes covering their eyes.  Unwrap them, I say, unwrap them so they can see.”
THIS in bold print is an excerpt from a not written by Prophet Ken Dewey, a beautiful brother in our amazing GOD. The bold words are from the FATHER.


WILL we be used by GOD to set the captives FREE? Can JESUS in us move to heal others? WELL, we know HE can, but we must LET HIM. Are we as a BODY saying YES to CHRIST? Or, are we instead giving way to pride and calling that GOD? THAT has to stop, because GOD will only let us go so far. LORD, we repent. HAVE YOUR WAY…

So, the plea to GOD today, on behalf of HIS children, is LORD make us REAL. Show us who we are and whose we are, through YOUR eyes only. TRANSFORM US Almighty GOD. We thank you LORD and praise you. YOU alone are worthy Holy Father, LORD Brother JESUS, and Holy Spirit. You deserve ALL GLORY and HONOR. Thank you for pulling the rug out from under the enemies plans. Thank you for overturning and thwarting attacks. Thank you for LOVING us, even when we feel unlovable, and thank you for making us REAL, RAW and RESPECTED. For it is YOU in us that is all these things. IT is you in us that is GOOD. In JESUS name and BLOOD, AMEN.

In His Grace and Glory,




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