The GLORY Knight

Very early this morning, GOD began showing me the next topic for the family blog. I heard Father say, “My children need to be reminded, I am fighting for them. They need only be still and KNOW that I am GOD.” I was in awe, not because I did not know this. But, because, as always, HE is right on time.

Today being the 22nd, representing LIGHT, we must remember that no matter what comes, and goes our GOD in Heaven has won!!!! HIS LIGHT SHINES!!!! He never ever fails!!!! When we cannot move, or even speak, HE still does not fail. God can make it look like He failed, but even THAT is strategy. 

I had a vision of a knight in GOLD.  I was reminded that though the enemy has been mocking GOD, the TRUTH cannot be denied, the GLORY of GOD cannot be stolen, and our beautiful GODLY GLORY KNIGHT is fighting. In fact JESUS is fighting, and so in the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. GOD wins ALWAYS. The fight is together as a unit. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!



THIS pic is very similar to the vision, but the knight I was shown GLOWED and shimmered!!!!!! Also, I pray GOD show the people who have this museum that this knight is against a background which has been used for evil purposes. LORD have your way. TURN it around for the GLORY of GOD!!!!!!!!!!! No more mixed seeds of good and evil. Hallelujah!!!! ~

In all the movies we watched as children, the knight was almost always white. I always felt that symbolized purity. BUT, in most of them, what it actually represents is an angel of light. That is something that seemed good. It is time that kids learn that fairytales are actually FAKE. But GODtales are not. Meaning GOD has stories. He has OUR story. GOD created us. He writes every book through us. 

CHILDLIKE ARMOR….we should begin with this. But, cannot stay here. ~


The enemy cannot create, the enemy just manipulates. GOD is the ONLY one who can EVER bring LIFE. Even the resurrections that the enemy tries to conjure FAIL. Please know that there is only one GLORY knight who will fight for us, who LOVES us to the moon and back and so much more!!!!!

It is time to not celebrate the things of this world anymore. There are other ways to have fun. WE need to teach the kids we have been given, and ultimately GOD will teach through us. They need to know HIS history, so that when the lies are spread, they will not fall dead. Meaning, their minds will not be overtaken by them. 


THIS is an example of an angel of light. IT is something that may appear cool to some, but is meant for evil purposes. ~

Many have been walking around asleep to God’s ways for years, decades even. But GOD knew, HE was NOT ASLEEP. God never gets tired, but is weary of our disobedience. His word says not even a little leaven, this means no sin should be permitted. That does not mean we never sin, it means we do not let the sin have REIGN in our lives. 

Anything that has a spirit and is alive, has a choice and a will. It is time to go to GOD, and say LORD rid us of the demons that have come from old wounds. Even the ones who guard the doors to block healing. To ASK HIM to expel them. He will show us how. His word says that “We have been given the power to trample on snakes and scorpions.” Are we using this power? Are we letting GOD be BOLD as a LION and ROAR through us, HIS COGS? Are we speaking life or death? We must always speak MORE LIFE. 

I have had situations come up personally, even recently where it would have been so easy to make it about me. Perhaps I even did for a second. Some were actually personal attacks against me. But, ultimately, they are ON GOD. SO, it is my responsibility to go to HIM and release the hurt, pain, betrayal, and any other emotions or spirits involved. I always ask JESUS, my beautiful brother to do so through me. He is ALL of us’s brother. The best one ever!!!!


PRAISE GOD for being our Glory KNIGHT!!!!!! He makes us glorified!!!!

The word also says, “We will do even greater things, because Jesus intercedes for us to the Father in Heaven.” Guess who does those greater works? It is us? NOPE. It is GOD in us. Just like when JESUS walked the earth. How did He not sin? Well, He never once took HIS eyes off the FATHER. 🙂

In a marriage GOD must be first. In parenting GOD must be first. IN ALL things GOD must be first!!!!! He so deserves FIRST PLACE!!!!! Look at ALL He has done and still does for HIS children HE LOVES and are HIS heart. WE are HIS GLORY. Look at the word and see that a woman’s GLORY is her hair and children she is given. WE are the LEGACY of OUR mighty GOD!!!!!

I repent for anytime I have believed enemy lies. In fact, anytime WE have believed the lies. I thank GOD that even though at times it feels more challenging, the haters really do become what GOD uses to motivate us. LORD, fill us with your compassion for ALL of the least, last and lost. May this be not only those we don’t know but those we know very well. We praise you GOD for your GLORY cutting through ALL the evil red tape, for breaking off resentment and healing hold wounds about that as well as disappointments and denials or delays. You are faithful GOD and worthy, so worthy to be praised!!!!! Thank you for LOVING us and being our GLORY KNIGHT on a daily basis in ways that we cannot even imagine with a human mind. We are so very grateful to you!!!! IJN and BLOOD AMEN

TODAY receive the BLESSINGS of GOD in ALL ways, and watch GOD heal the wounds inflicted by our enemies. ~

In His Grace and Glory,

E and Fam 

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  1. Anon

    Yeah the image you use above “THIS is an example of an angel of light. IT is something that may appear cool to some, but is meant for evil purposes.” Isn’t an angel …

    It’s from an anime. Check out your sources m8.

  2. Ellie Sharpe (Post author)

    Hello 🙂 Thank you for commenting. I appreciate you sharing. I will consider this. I do believe though, that what the enemy means for harm, started as good. Therefore, God can use anything, He desires, for HIS Glory and purpose. I pray you are indeed Blessed, in His Love. He is bringing us Heaven.


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