I very rarely, if ever post 2 posts in a week. In fact, I cannot EVER recall a time where I was led to post a blog back to back. But, TIMES they ARE a changing indeed. Yesterday, WE went as a family out to run errands. Let’s just talk about how THAT went for a second. All I can do is laugh, NOW. But, yesterday the laughter was not at all consistent. It did, by God’s grace, come and go.

We started to leave, and the car was dead. I mean, dead as a doornail dead. Even, before, there was tension. I was really tired, and pushing through. Knowing I had a certain amount of energy to give. David started a project, and I was frustrated. Because, it took like an hour more than I expected. I was letting it go, and he came in the room because of something I had said.

It became a “heightened spiritual discussion.” Anyway, GOD cut it off, but, afterwards, when the car was stalled, it was tough not to be frustrated again. It was even MORE surrender. So, we waited, and prayed, and waited and prayed. Then, about an hour later, a RED truck drove in the house behind us. My husband was borderline angry, because he kept asking for help, and no one would help. So, the LORD led me to ask someone. I asked the man with the red truck. They helped us. We shared some of our testimony with them. God moved, and resurrected the truck…again. Not to mention resurrecting us.

We knew we were going into VERY dark territory. In fact, WE don’t often go to where HE sent us. WE went to a mall. There is obvious dark territory, like what some call “the hood.” I don’t say that because of any race, color, size, shape, or anything else. In fact, actually, that name came from a short cut of neighborhood. But, the malls have become a lot like just that. They are filled with people, influenced by such nastiness. But, sometimes in the midst of it all, there are lights. We got to participate in Jesus using us to light the dark. Plus, we got the bonus of seeing a few a long the way. 😉

We were led, as a family, to get names from the angel tree in a local mall. Our daughter got a boy around age 10, and we got a girl around age 8. Yesterday, after several tough days, WE all went out to get the presents. We got a few items that we were led to, and prayed a blessing over them. We dropped off the items, and as we did, were led to share some of our story/testimony. The LOVE of GOD brings compassion. Sarah Elizabeth’s life was nothing but LOVE.

We ask for prayer for a lady’s mom we met. I believe her name is Brenda, and she is battling that evil cancer demon. What was amazing to us, was how empty the mall was. The parking lot was not full like it used to be. I thought to myself, online shopping. People don’t want to meet with people like they did. Because, people are so wounded. We often hide behind computer screens, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

But, even though these things have come in as distractions, they have also been turned into beautiful gifts for many. GOd has used these for much restoration and deep healing. But, the tough part about God’s plan is that it is on HIS terms. When curses are affirmed to be broken. Purging of unholiness must happen. Are you letting GOD trim the fat? I don’t necessarily mean physical, but when the spiritual goes, the physical follows.

Today is the 23rd. At 1:15am this morning we celebrated 1 year of our daughter’s Heavenaversary. I remember when God led us to celebrate. WE are NOT celebrating DEATH, we are celebrating NEW LIFE. We are celebrating that death of this world does NOT stop true LOVE. It stirs it up!!!! Hallelujah for that! Who doesn’t need more of LOVE? Who does not need more of HEAVEN? I mean, it’s a no brainer. I want HEAVEN. I want everything that entails. Because it is MY HOME.

When WE ask for HEAVEN, we must then LAY down everything that we could ever imagine it is. GOD is a REAL DEAL GOD. Heaven does not compete. HELL does not stop competing. I just want to close with saying, WE are glad for Heaven. WE LOVE experiencing it. BUt, we at times miss what was, and thank GOD for the GRACE to have reflection through HIS holy mirror.

In His Grace and Glory,

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